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Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature

Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature - Janine M. Benyus I picked this one up today and read it again. There are some books that come around, not very often, that should not be judged by standard literary or traditional academic criteria. I think this is one of them. These books belong on pillars, themselves standing upright in Elysian Fields. They might not fully be appreciated in their time, but a century or two down the road they'll provide testament to our progeny that we weren't all complete idiots.

Look to nature. Ok. Look to elements of nature's design. Got it. Why? Because nature's been doing the same thing that you want to do for BILLIONS of years. Billions. With a "B." And everything extant is a product of evolution—that beautifully cold and efficient judge of ability, suitability and fitness. The author limits her exposition of this simple, but revolutionary idea to engineering and design, but the concept is a greater one. Apply it to your body. Apply it to your mind. Apply it to governance and economics. Thanks Janine Benyus.